Converting old tape, VHS and other media

Let us take any and all media and convert it for you!

Love your old media again. Any way you want it!

So many clients get in touch saying they have an old wedding, a family holiday, a party from when they were younger, maybe with a family member that their own family have never seen.  We can convert all that and more!

We convert pretty much anything to anything!

VHS "old tapes"

This is the bulk of our work. The very common format that everyone up until the early 2000’s had.  Tapes with weddings, parties, holidays and family gatherings of all sorts, trapped in forms that can no longer be enjoyed

Hi8, Mini DV & other camcorder tapes

Many clients have old camcorder tapes that we created but never had anything done with them. A lot have never been viewed from the day your parent made them! What treasures do they hold?

Reel to reel and 8mm

Much older formats but still found in lofts and olf suit cases under the stairs.  These are the grandparents of home recording & we love bringing them back to life.

Edit your old footage?

We can edit your old footage, taking it from hours of random clips to an enjoyable condensed form that can be enjoyed & shared with everyone special to you!

Memories brought back to life for people like you!

“The service from Vidigi was fantastic from start to finish. They did a wonderful job transferring our old family video VHS tapes to digital format- footage from almost 30 years ago! I’d definitely recommend.” – Tracy P

“I cannot recommend Vidigi enough, they managed to get all the footage of the tapes and load them onto memory sticks at a very very reasonable price.  Thank you Vidigi media Services perfect job and a fraction of the other prices quoted.” – Wayne, Sheffield

“VHS convert to MP4. Had 4 videos converted from almost 30 years ago! Amazing service, very fast and helpful, with great quality and beautifully restored footage. Some great memories brought back. Thank you so much!” – Chloe

Convert a tape to digital

Most formats included as standard
£ 22
  • VHS to digital
  • Camcorder to digital
  • Fast onsite service

What we offer

  • Taking your old footage and convert it to a digital format that can be viewed on a huge range of modern devices including TV and phone. 
  • We can put this footage on DVD or memory stick if you wish or simply send it to you via a secure link.
  • Your footage never leaves our studio so is more secure than using courier services that unfortunately do sometimes lose parcels.
  • VHS/mini VHS, Hi8, Mini DV and many more formats included in our standard package.
  • Discounts for multiple tapes converted at the same time, giving you more value and more enjoyment.

ask us anything

We havent found a format that we cant convert yet! Get in touch and ask us if it isnt listed here.

Clients often find one tape marked “parents wedding” and 6 others they have no clue whats on them.  We can run a brief test on tapes and if its just a rerun of your Grans favourite soap opera, you only pay a small admin fee instead.

Yes.  Often people bring us tapes that are damaged and in all but one case in 10 years, we have been able to repair the tape to restore most of the footage given to us!

There's no reason not to get in touch and loads of great reasons to email or call us!

We never pressure sell our services. We will talk to you to get to understand your needs and then offer options that we are confident will deliver what you are hoping for. People often have three or more “chats” to make sure they have all the information they need and that’s fine with us!

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