What about the people that need to be there and can't?

Event Streaming

Most events and occassions can be streamed.

Life’s biggest moments deserve to be shared, no matter where your loved ones are. With our bespoke streaming packages, we make sure every laugh, tear, and cheer is captured and delivered straight to those who matter most, without wasting your valuable time or money.

From the joyous “I dos” at weddings to the heartfelt goodbyes at celebrations of life, we’ve streamed life’s full spectrum. Every event is a story waiting to be told, and we’re here to broadcast yours with the care it deserves.

Don’t let your friends and family miss out on the moments that make life special. Contact us for your streaming needs and let’s make memories together, even from afar.

Each event and moment if different, thats important to us and you.


Running in conjunction or completely seperately to your filming that you may already have in place, streaming weddings is great for making far flung family feel a part of the day as it unfolds.

Parties and announcements

Gender reveals, 21sts, 50ths and far more can be catered for.

Funerals and celebrations of life

One of our most important services. Reasonspast clients have given include family abroad or children too young to attend a funeral but want to be included in a gentle fashion.

How we helped people like you

Attention to detail was first class.

The broadcast was recieved in the UK, France, New Zealand and Australia and everyone remarked on the quality of the presentation and the clarity of picture and sound. Grant is a lovely man who cares greatly about what he does. We have no hesitation in recommending him in the strongest possible terms.

Wedding live stream
Vidigi live streamed and filmed my elopement-style wedding and I was very impressed with the professionalism and quality of the content. . .With events like this you need someone you can trust – Grant is that guy. Thanks again!

Livestream experts!!

I worked with Grant to livestream our Sheffield Climate Hustings event. He was an absolute dream to work with and went above and beyond to help me make the best of the event and with any tech questions I had. I’m looking forward to working with them again in future 🙂


Whatever you need streaming, we do it
£ 329 From
  • 2 camera minimum in place
  • Stream can be viewed after the event
  • Editing service available

Is it the same as using my phone?

From a basic point yes, it takes a video and puts it onto the internet.  Where we differ is the capability, quality and reliability of our equipment.  Using studio quality equipment we can capture multiple angles at once and blend them perfectly in real time as your event runs.  Stills and music can be run into your event and into the stream at the same time too.  Its far more than someone holding their phone up.

ask us anything

At its core is the same equipment we use to film an event. We couple of some extra clever devices to 2 5g mobile signals and this allows us to send your event out into the world!

Not at all.  We spend time speaking to your venue to make sure we are setup in plenty of time for your event. Our cameras can pick-up high-quality pictures while being in discrete locations. Some of our packages can even include remotely operated units for added detail while always remaining discrete.

Yes.  With enough notice we can travel anywhere to cover any location.

There's no reason not to get in touch and loads of great reasons to email or call us!

We never pressure sell our services. We will talk to you to get to understand your needs and then offer options that we are confident will deliver what you are hoping for. People often have three or more “chats” to make sure they have all the information they need and that’s fine with us!

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