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  • Media Services is literally part of our name but what falls under this category?
  • Have you considered streaming a wedding or any family moment?
  • Put us in touch with your childs school to capture their nativity or play.
  • What about converting old VHS, tapes, Hi8, Mini DV, reel to reel, slides, negatives or any type of older media?
  • Perhaps you want a high-end media installation in your home combining smart tech hi end TV and audio solutions?

Media Services for any occassion and any need

Click on what you need.  If you arent sure just call or email us, we can help !

Media Conversion

Convert your old VHS, VHS mini, Hi8, Mini DV, reel to reel, negatives and slides to modern digital forms to be enjoy for years to come.
We go the extra mile to bring your memories back to life all for a very reasonable
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From Weddings, Christenings and Anniversaries to parties, a celebration of the life of a loved one or any gathering you can think of. Let us live stream your event!
Dont let distance or time stop loved ones enjoy your event. We can stream any event, anywhere to anyone!
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Media Installation

Having renovations and want to future proof your new space? Let advise, plan, install and support all your media and AV needs.
From advice on selecting the right AV equipment for your home or social event through to complete project management and installs.
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We often hear . . .

I dont know what my tapes are and whats on them?

It’s common for people to have “that box” of old tapes and reels.  You dont want to pay just to find out that all that’s on them is series 2 of Bullseye!  Let us find out what’s worth converting and restoring for a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

I dont know if its worth streaming my event.

Only you can decide if an event needs to be viewed live. Our prices are competitive and a lot of clients often like being able to involve friends and family during their event rather than after.

Our budget is low

We can offer several options that will be sure to fit whatever your budget and also give you long lasting value.

CAn I do these things myself?

We bring experience and a wide range of equipment to all our services.  This alone often justifies our fees. When clients then consider how much their own time is worth or the wish to enjoy an even themselves it becomes an easy choice to make.

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We use combination of high-end tape players from the 80s and 90s and a top end media editing suite to bring your old memories back to life!  The process isn’t automated so we are able to bring a better level of editing and customising your footage than many in our industry simply can’t replicate.

Typically, we use at least 2 cameras to capture your event, these can be switched live during the event to make your viewers feel really a part of the event.

We are partnered with local tradesmen for the timber and plaster part of any installation.  We can then install any size TV or projector combined with your viewing box, consoles, amps and more.

All our customers have loved what we did for them

The service from Grant was fantastic…

The service from Grant was fantastic from start to finish. I was so happy to be able to watch and listen to video footage from almost 30 years ago thanks to this company. Would definitely recommend!

I recently had the pleasure of hiring Vidigi videographer

I recently had the pleasure of hiring a videographer, Grant from Vidigi, for a special event, and I must say that my experience exceeded all expectations. Grant was not only professional and skilled, but also incredibly attentive and receptive to all my requests. From the very beginning, his dedication to ensuring my satisfaction was evident.


Grant recently video’d my son’s funeral. We wanted something for my young Grandson for when he is older should be choose to view. Grants work is amazing. . .We really were blown away with the attention to detail and the additional elements Grant factored in. Under such difficult circumstances, Grants work is a beautiful tribute. I would recommend Grant to anyone.

There's no reason not to get in touch and loads of great reasons to email or call us!

We never pressure sell our services. We will talk to you to get to understand your needs and then offer options that we are confident will deliver what you are hoping for. People often have three or more “chats” to make sure they have all the information they need and that’s fine with us!

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